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Rent One Employees Rally to Help Family of Deceased Colleague

Andrew Schubert’s five-month-old son, Thor
Andrew Schubert loved his job as a delivery technician for Rent One in Erie, Pennsylvania. He had grown up in a rent-to-own family, with a father, Chris Paul, who currently manages a second Rent One location in Erie. Sadly, Schubert passed away on June 29 at age 19. Colleagues at Rent One are devastated, but also determined to show their admiration for their lost coworker and help those left behind—specifically, Schubert’s five-month-old son, Thor. Since Schubert’s passing, Rent One owners Larry and Sharon Carrico have been consulting with his parents, Chris and Shannon Paul, to establish a trust fund for Thor that will provide for his education. The Carricos are working with Panoptic Wealth Advocates to set up the fund and are allowing Rent One employees to make contributions to the fund via payroll deductions from two pay periods. The Carricos have committed to matching their coworkers’ contributions up to $5,000. Schubert’s parents have also launched a GoFundMe fundraiser, “Education Fund for Thor Schubert”. You can donate online by clicking here. “My belief is that if your kids don’t spend part of the time being mad at or upset with you, you must not be doing it right,” Chris Paul notes. “Over the past several years, Andrew really had his life together and everything was going right. [His death] was such a tragedy, one of those things that is not supposed to happen. We go through life expecting to bury parents, never expecting to bury a child.”
Thor Schubert
As the Pauls grieve for the loss of their son, they are also mindful of their grandson Thor and want to see his life flourish. “The saddest part is that while Shannon and I, along with everyone else who cared for and knew Andrew, grieves, there is a five-month-old boy left without a father. We are thankful that we have a great relationship with Thor’s mother, Alyssa. Thank you all for your thoughts, kindness and prayers.” “Sharon and I understand the importance of family, and when our Rent One coworkers asked if they could help, we created a way all could make a difference,” Larry Carrico says. “We are proud of their participation and look forward to Thor’s success in the years ahead.” Those wishing to make a contribution to Thor Schubert’s education trust fund directly, can do so by mailing a check (payable to: Chris Paul UTMA fbo Thor Schubert) to Amanda Bampton, c/o Panoptic Wealth Advocates, 16091 Swingley Ridge Rd., Suite 110, St. Louis, Missouri 63017.

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