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Iowa-Nebraska Rental Dealers Association Holds First Annual Meeting

INRDA event sponsor and speaker Al Benson of Central File Marketing
The newly formed Iowa-Nebraska Rental Dealers Association held its first annual meeting on September 14. Rental dealers met in Johnston, Iowa, to discuss the state of the rent-to-own industry—in each state and as a whole—and to elect a new board of directors. Iowa Representative Chip Baltimore and Iowa lobbyist Doug Struyk addressed the political climate in the region, summarized the 2017 legislative session and presented an informative legal update on what to expect in 2018, after which Nebraska’s new lobbyist, Bill Mueller, explained that state’s unique unicameral legislature, one comprised of a single legislative chamber. Additional speakers included INRDA event sponsors Al Benson of Central File Marketing, WOW!Brands’ Andrew Catapano, who also spoke at Fuse 2017 in Galveston, and Technical Pro’s Eddie Cohen, as well as Jill McClure, APRO’s executive director. McClure introduced herself to association members and outlined APRO’s current initiatives, including the national association’s role in addressing legislative issues. INRDA’s newly elected board of directors are Brent Gregurek, president; Lyn Leach, vice president; Brian Luksetich, secretary/treasurer; and board members Tom Bernau, Mark Connelly, John Maitland, Brandon Short and Ed Spuzello. “I look forward to serving the Iowa-Nebraska Rental Dealers Association, along with former APRO President Lyn Leach, former Iowa Rental Dealers Association President Brian Luksetich and all the other board members,” Gregurek says. “This is truly an exciting time for our two-state association.”

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