APRO Announces Rent-to-Own Scholarship Recipients

APRO, TRIB Group and state rental dealer associations in Florida, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee announced this week that 49 students will be awarded more than $115,000 in college scholarships as part of the APRO Education Foundation’s Scholarship Fund. For almost a decade, APRO members have contributed significantly to the fund, which so far has awarded more than $640,000 to members of the rent-to-own family pursuing higher education.

This year, one of the recipients, Za’Kazia Morgan, is being awarded her fifth APRO scholarship and will graduate from Kennesaw State University with a bachelor of science in psychology. “I feel so blessed and grateful,” Morgan says. “I cannot stress how much I’ve needed this throughout the years, but especially this year. I have been handed so many curveballs and this scholarship will ensure that I can stay in college and graduate this year. I cannot thank APRO and the donors enough. You have made my dreams come true.”

The following 2017 scholarship recipients are listed by in alphabetical order.

Nicolette Bagoly                    Caleb Mercer
Alexie Bass                             Caitlin Miller
Matthew Boensch                 Cody Miller
Andrew Busch                        Leydi Morales
Lekendric Castion                 Chandler Morel
Alexis Cherry                          Conner Morel
John Cleek III                         Za’Kazia Morgan
Mary Cleek                             Javontay Moss
Cheyenne Davis                    Tej Patel
Trevor Dobbs                         Michaela Peterson
Alexis Doroba                        Yamaira Ross
Kendall Duncan                     Morgan Scherer
Zakiya Ellington                     Derian Schneider
Jacob Furtney                       Elyse Serrano
Hannah Hogan                     Marissa Shutt
Zach Hyden                           Thomas Stampley
Giovanni Knight                    Alana Stewart
Jonathan Kube                     Bailey Tanksley
Katrena Martin                      Hannah Tharp
Savannah McCauley            Maxwell Thomasan
Atyrus McDonald                 Julia Vasilyev
Caleb Mercer                        Michael Vasilyev
Caitlin Miller                          Andrea Wallace
Cody Miller                            Braden Westhusing
Leydi Morales                       Alyssa Williams
Chandler Morel                    Christian Wire
Conner Morel                       Myaicia Womack