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Rent One’s DT Rodeos Continue!

Region 7 Group Photo
Last week five of Rent One’s regions competed in three different Delivery Technicians rodeos. Each rodeo was from 9:30AM – 4:30PM and activities ranged from Loading and Backing the Box Truck, The Delivery, The Return, Vehicle Maintenance, Rent One Jeopardy and closed out with awards. Region 7’s rodeo took place in Jackson, TN on Tuesday, September 13th and was comprised of six teams from stores across Tennessee. Winners were Delivery Tech’s from Store 32, Jeremy Smith and Roger McCormick.
Region 5 and Region 6 Group Photo
Both Region 5 and Region 6’s rodeos were held on Wednesday, September 14th and were held in Paragould, AR. Region 5’s rodeo was comprised of nine teams from stores across Arkansas and Missouri. There was a tie for first place winners, Joshua Crowder and Hardin Vardell, DT team from store 42, and Toby Brawley and Rowdy Thomas, DT team from Store 156. Region 6’s rodeo was comprised of seven teams from stores across Arkansas. Region 6 winners were Delivery Tech’s from Store 40, Jonathan Ewald and Andrew Spears.
Region 1 and Region 2 Group Photo
Region 1 and Region 2 also had a dual rodeo on Thursday, September 15th in Mt. Vernon, IL. Nine teams competed in Region 1’s rodeo while eight teams competed in Region 2’s rodeo. Region 1 winners were Delivery Tech’s from Store 171, Logan Brown and Seikura Burton. Region 2 winners were Delivery Tech’s from Store 79, Ryan Moore and Devon Strohmeyer. Regional winners were awarded branded buckles instead of a trophy which stirred a lot of excitement among participants. Region 8 winners, Bower and Carrera, will fly to Mt. Vernon to compete in the finals on October 13th. The next regional Delivery Tech Rodeos will be held on Tuesday, September 20th in Carmi, IL and then on Wednesday, September 21st in Girardeau, MO. Click here for Rent One’s 2016 DT Rodeo photo gallery.

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