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AVB/BrandSource Comes to TV

avb-tv-logoIn an effort to enhance the in-store and online experience of our customers, AVB/BrandSource is proud to announce the introduction of its new television marketing service, AVB TV.  It is our hope at BrandSource that this new feature will connect with the modern consumer through the harnessing of the power of this time-honored medium. This revolutionary experiment is in keeping with BrandSource’s innovative spirit and commitment to enriching the buying experience while increasing sales and customer loyalty. This new creation will essentially be a tool for our members to create new awareness of their business through a series of quality programs, vignettes, series, mini-documentaries, and webisodes. First, the content will be streamed directly to members’ stores, websites, and online platforms. It will then be presented to customers, in high definition, by a series of special guests, subject matter experts, and personalities in an effort to engage, inform, and entertain. Owners, managers, and sales associates also stand to benefit from the new information and features presented by AVB/TV. The entire streaming service is powered by a low cost Apple TV box, which can be distributed to an unlimited amount of TV’s in a retailer’s store all at a flat low monthly cost per box. BrandSource members are free to personalize their service by adding their own commercials and videos to the playlist and to decide what plays and when. The process is so user friendly that NPI, promotional, and even daily sales content can be run for any type of event.  The new service is also capable of being streamed online, in your store, or on-the-go without the delays associated with updating or maintenance. AVB/BrandSource has already begun the roll out of its new service during their recent convention in Las Vegas. Each attendee received a complimentary Apple TV so they may try out the new offering and provide much needed feedback. The presentation of AVB/TV represents a bold step forward for BrandSource and an exciting new method of keeping both members and customers informed of the thrilling new changes in our industry. About BrandSource Based in Tustin, Calif. and founded in 1969, BrandSource is a 100-percent member-owned merchandising group with more than $14 billion in annual retail sales, nearly 4,500 independent dealer members in North America and close to 3,000 ‘branded’ stores in the United States. ProSource, its consumer electronics division represents more than 500 specialty retailers and custom integrators and boasts annual retail sales of over $4 billion, making it the largest specialty and consumer electronics merchandising group in the United States. As the largest unified merchandising group by number of members and volume in North America, BrandSource has the ability to negotiate strong programs with manufacturers in order keep its independent retailer members relevant and extremely competitive in the consumer marketplace. BrandSource retailers have established a strong reputation for offering local consumers an unparalleled customer service experience, along with a ‘neighborhood expert’ source whenever they’re in the market for appliances, consumer electronics or home furnishings. Please visit or for more information. Media Contact: Jennifer Baldwin | BrandSource | 714-984-6644 |

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