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Rent One kicks off stewardship campaign with “Day on the Diamond”

Great Expectations FoundationThe Great Expectations Foundation was created by Rent One’s owners, Larry and Sharon Carrico, to enhance the lives of children throughout the Midwest by awarding grants to communities, organizations and groups aimed at helping children age birth to 18.The Great Expectations Foundation awards grants two times a year for programs aimed at children’s education, fitness and wellness, and emotional and spiritual development. As a local and national foundation, Great Expectations makes it possible for smaller communities that may not have access to financial assistance get help for their younger residents so that they have the opportunity to develop as individuals. Since 2012, Rent One has raised a total of $262,133. Rent One employees donate per paycheck and that amount is matched twice – once by Rent One and once by Larry and Sharon Carrico personally. Each Rent One Regions'(composed of 6 to 9 stores) managers come together to pick a charity in their region to receive a grant from Great Expectations. Below is a list of variety from the past years choices:
  • Centralia, IL Youth Initiative – $5,075
  • Southern Illinois’ Poshard Foundation for Abused Kids – $5,000
  • Cedarhurst Center for the Arts – $1,500
  • Cape Girardeau, MO Big Brother/Sister – $5,000
  • Challenger League of Evansville, IN – $5,000
  • Poplar Bluff, MO Boys & Girls Club – $5,000
  • Jonesboro, AR City Youth Ministries – $5,000
  • Jackson, TN Imagination Library – $5,000
  • Erie, PA Shrines Hospital – $5,000
  • Jefferson City, MO Boys & Girls Club – $5,000
  • St.Louis, MO Our Little Haven – $5,000
Rent One’s Mission: to continue to expand Great Expectations while giving Rent One vendors premium access to their executive team. Rent One’s Vision: continue to score big for kids in their home towns!

Rent One in conjunction with Great Expectations has a fun filled schedule of events, as well as multiple sponsorship levels.

Day on the Diamond Schedule of Events

Tuesday July 26th, 7PM: Hall of Fame and All Star Sponsors are invited to join the Executive Team at Rent One Park to watch the Miners play, and enjoy food and beverage. Wednesday July 27th, 8:30AM – 11:30AM: Hall of Fame, All Star, and Rookie Sponsors are invited to join the Rent One Executive Team at Rent One Park for some team building, socializing, and baseball!Rent One Park Wednesday July 27th, 12:00PM – 12:45PM: All Sponsors are welcome to lunch at Rent One Park. Wednesday July 27th, 1PM – 5PM: Hall of Fame, All Star and Rookie Sponsors will be provided with specific data about their sales within Rent One. Leadership teams composed of Regional Managers, Regional Directors, VP’s as well as President Trent Agin and CEO Larry Carrico will individually visit each sponsor for 20min before rotating to the next sponsor. You will have 10, 20min sessions with our leadership team to discuss sales, current lineup, and other areas of interest you may have. Wednesday July 27th, 6PM: All Sponsors are welcome to The Diamond Club where Rent One’s Leadership Team will provide food and beverage during the baseball game. We will also conclude with a small presentation about Great Expectations and the money raised during the event. Click here to read more and/or donate.

Upcoming Events