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Nationwide Marketing Group Celebrates Growth in Marketing Department

Independent retailers must have access to a multitude of best in class marketing tools to capture share in your marketplace and grow your business. “In support of Nationwide’s “Prepare for Share” strategy, it is critical for Independent’s to create awareness for their brands and value proposition across all channels of consumers,” said Jeff Knock, Chief Commercial Officer.  “People consume media in various ways and our members need to be engaged in all of those mediums,” Knock added. Nationwide is pleased to announce continued and expanding relationships with the best in class media partners that provide unmatched media assets for the group’s retailers. While today’s consumer expects a seamless move from traditional media channels to digital to online to brick and mortar, it’s imperative that retailers are conveying a consistent message and experience that is aligned across all platforms. Nationwide announced in 2015 its new 360 Media Multi Channel marketing platforms, campaigns comprised of assets available exclusively to their retailers, which include:
  • Customized HDTV commercials produced by the group’s in house Nationwide PrimeMedia facility
  • Targeted spot cable TV, digital marketing and promotional support through Nationwide’s Just Say Yes program
  • Social media support and targeted campaigns through Facebook, traditional print and in-store materials
This past PrimeTime! show in Orlando, many of the group’s members were introduced to Banner Marketing, who alongside Nationwide’s longtime print service partner Advertising Made Easy (AME), will be fulfilling a variety of print needs for the group’s membership. Previously working primarily on furniture and bedding circular programs, Banner Marketing will now begin developing some appliance and electronics circular programs moving forward. “Banner Marketing is a great addition to our growing portfolio of member service providers,” said Frank Sandtner, EVP Member Services. “We are constantly evaluating new partners who can deliver the highest performing tools and assets to meet our members’ expanding marketing needs.” About Nationwide Marketing Group Nationwide Marketing Group works beside thousands of appliance, furniture, electronics, specialty electronics, custom installation and rent to own dealers helping them grow their businesses and their bottom lines. With over 3,500 members operating more than 10,000 store fronts and $15 billion in combined annual sales, Nationwide is North America’s largest buying and marketing organization. Industry veterans, heading Nationwide’s seven regional divisions, work to provide independent dealers with personalized service and local programming in every market they serve. More information is available

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