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APRO’s In-Store Legislative Conference builds RTO Awareness

APRO’s 2016 In-Store RTO Legislative Conference strides on and if you have not had the pleasure of hosting a member of Congress yet, plan on doing so now. We have new suggested dates for your meeting and will assist you along the way. 2016 is an election year so Congress members will be spending much of their time in their home district campaigning and meeting with voters. APRO’s In-Store Legis- lative Conference provides a unique opportunity to in-store approach for meeting legislators this year,” Representative Smith says. “Members of Congress like meeting in informal and inti- mate settings [e.g., the APRO office] vs. meeting in the of- fices on Capitol Hill, because on Capitol Hill, you never know when—even with the best of intentions—a congressman might be called for a floor vote or to get to a committee hearing. Plus, they get to see the unique [business] environment.” APRO asks for members to focus on the following weeks to schedule in-store visits to join fellow APRO members across the country joining the same effort.
  • May 2nd – 6th
  • May 31st – June 3rd
  • June 28th – July 1st
  • August 1st – September 2nd
The Senate is July to September 2nd
  • October 3rd – November 10th
Click here to join the effort and APRO will contact you outlining which members of Congress represent your stores, meeting ‘how-to’ details and to assist you with the meeting process to make it as easy as possible. “After scheduling several meetings, we found it easier to go through the members campaign offices rather than their legislative offices. Their campaign offices are there to promote them whereas the legislative offices tend to protect them. We’re encouraging members to try the campaign offices first or try both until you get some tangible responses,” APRO’s Deputy Executive Director, Richard May. To schedule your own In-Store Legislative Conference, please contact APRO Deputy Executive Director, Richard May at 512/225-1051. April-14-In-Store-Legislative-Conference

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