PTS Financial Services recently announced its launch of PTS Insurance Company within its family of companies. The new offshoot company is an American domestic entity based in Georgia, and licensed and regulated by the Georgia Office of Insurance Commissioner. Through PTS Insurance, the company intends to tailor coverage to meet the particular needs of, Read More

The Aaron’s Company Inc. recently contributed $10,000 to Atlanta’s Westside Future Fund, an initiative uniting the public and private sectors to provide affordable housing in one of the city’s most impoverished communities. “Access to affordable housing is one of the most important needs in our city, especially for those struggling to make ends meet, Read More

This article was originally published by APRO associate member Rivero, Gordimer & Company P.A. on November 9, 2020. The Internal Revenue Code provides Income tax credits for taxpayers in order to incentivize certain activities, such as using “green” products or retaining employees. Over the years, we have discovered that most business owners are unaware, Read More

America is ready – REALLY ready – for The Most Wonderful Time of the Year [even if that’s not an awfully high bar in 2020]. Around the country, folks put up their holiday lights in November and seem to be following a go-big-or-go-home holiday inflatables mandate. Pandemic Fatigue has everyone yearning for cocoa bombs,, Read More

APRO member Buddy Mac Holdings LLC, dba Buddy’s Home Furnishings (BMH) recently announced its purchase of seven Bi-Rite Companies store locations in Tampa, Florida,  along with an area development agreement to open another ten locations within the territory. “Having started with Buddy’s in Florida twenty years ago, this is home,” said Buddy Mac Vice, Read More

APRO Member Gopal Reddy – President and CEO of Action Development Corp., dba Aaron’s – and his wife Tulasi recently contributed $10,000 of their own money to the Central Illinois Foodbank, to help their hungry neighbors this holiday season. The Reddys – who own and operate seven Aaron’s stores in the Central Illinois area, Read More

Two APRO associate members are joining forces to the benefit of both businesses: Noctova RTO Sleep Solutions recently announced a new agreement with L2 Corporation to expand the Noctova sales team with the addition of L2’s Nicole Cehanovich and Kelly McClellan. The sub sales rep agreement establishes representative sales of the complete line of, Read More

As COVID-19 continues we’ve necessarily come to depend upon our digital devices more and more as our professional realities have become increasingly virtual – and now may be the time to get even closer to your computer, as you work to continue operations a la laptop. Here are five productive ways to use the, Read More

Among the myriad uncertainties COVID-19 has produced, supply-chain insecurity has been a key issue for the rent-to-own industry. As the virus continues to surge higher, many companies are warehousing product either more than ever before or for the first time. We talked with Dan Fisher, Vice President of Majik Enterprises International Inc., dba Majik, Read More

Name: Teresa Hill What’s your current role/title? I am the Vice President of Operational Support at Buddy’s Newco LLC, dba Buddy’s Home Furnishings. Years in RTO: I have been in the RTO industry for 25 amazing years. What did you do before RTO? Before RTO, I was a manager with the Limited Corporation overseeing a high-volume, big-box,, Read More