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The 2024-2026 APRO Board of Directors Candidates

An email was sent to your primary contact associated with your membership with access to an online ballot for the 2024-2026 APRO Board of Directors from . If you have not received the email, be sure to check your junk mail. Ballots may be submitted through this link no later than Tuesday, July 30.

The APRO Nominating Committee is pleased to present the candidates for the 2024-2026 APRO Board of Directors.

Trent Agin


SKC Enterprises Inc., dba Rent One

Bio: Trent Agin is the President of St. Louis-based Rent One, which operates more than 100 locations in eight states. Beginning his career with Rent One over 30 years ago, Agin has been an integral part of the company’s growth and development on its journey from just five stores till today.

Agin has held leadership positions with various state associations, served on TRIB Group committees, and currently serves on the Executive Committee of the APRO Board of Directors. Agin fosters an environment of growth and learning as part of Rent One’s culture, and supports a progressive approach to innovative ideas and new opportunities.

Mark Connelly

VP of Mergers & Acquisitions

Arona Corporation, dba Arona Home Essentials

Bio: Mark Connelly was a Marine Corps officer prior to coming into rent-to-own in 1989 with Remco. Connelly has gone on to serve as a leader for a ColorTyme franchise, with Renters Choice/Rent-A-Center, and at Arona, where he partnered with Tom Bernau when the franchise was only six stores strong; today, Arona is an independent company with 57 stores and counting.

Connelly proudly served as APRO President from 2016-2017, and is a current APRO board member. He has also served as Vice President of Iowa Rental Dealers Association, has served as a board member for both the Florida and the Missouri Rental Dealer Associations, and has consistently attended the APRO Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.

Dan Fisher

Board Member

Blue Ocean Brands

Bio: Dan Fisher is a Board Member and an owner of Blue Ocean Brands, which owns and operates multiple rent-to-own brands including Majik Rent-To-Own, the company which Fisher founded and operated for many years. Having grown the company from 1 store to 13 stores, Dan understands and appreciates the challenges of smaller, independent operators. Dan has served as an APRO board member for six years, a TRIB Group board member for nine years, and previously as a PA Rental Dealers Association board member for 12 years.

Fisher believes belonging to the RTO industry means helping smaller dealers – independents and franchisees – to remain viable and successful, whatever might happen. As an APRO board member, Dan will solicit input from all members to help guide board decisions, focus on protecting the membership legislatively, and support APRO’s education and networking efforts.

Jerry Marshall


KAPPA Investments LLC, dba Buddy's Home Furnishings

Bio: Jerry Marshall began in his rent-to-own career as a manager-in-training with Rentway. Marshall became an award-winning Store Manager before being promoted to Regional Manager, where, under his leadership, the region became Rentway’s top KPI-performing and second-most profitable region. When Rent-A-Center acquired Rentway, Marshall stayed for about a year, then moved to Aaron’s as a Regional Manager.

A few years later, Marshall was selected by Easyhome as one of three rental dealers to receive a fully funded RTO franchise. Marshall opened up a second store, then converted them into four stores with Buddy’s Home Furnishings. He currently operates eight Buddy’s stores, with 7 in VA and 1 in NC. He is proud to have completed his first term with the APRO board.

Travis Robbins

General Counsel/Corporate Secretary

Progressive Holdings, Inc.

Bio: Travis Robbins is the General Counsel for Progressive Leasing. He has worked in the RTO industry for more than 10 years. Prior to working in the RTO space, he was a partner at a law firm. Travis is currently serving on the APRO Board. Travis values the opportunity that RTO gives individuals to obtain items that they need for themselves and their families at a price they can afford. Travis has enjoyed getting to know the RTO community and has been impressed with their interest in the virtual rent-to-own model and how it fits within the RTO tent. Travis recently adopted three young children after being their foster parent for a year and he loves spending time with his family.

Jeff Smith


Your Hometown Rent to Own Inc. dba Hometown Rent to Own

Bio: Jeff started in the RTO industry as an Account Manager, making deliveries in 2000, and eventually worked his way up to store manager. From 2008 to 2019, Jeff served as the IT Manager for House of Television Rentals. He now owns and operates four stores with his business partner, Matt Radecki. In addition to being an owner/operator, Jeff serves as the President of the New York Rental Dealers Association and recently attended the legislative conference in Washington, D.C. Jeff is heavily involved with the TRIB group, currently serving a term on the Software and Finance Committee. Mr. Smith is currently expanding his business and is set to open a Mr. Appliance franchise before the year is out.

Shannon Strunk


Gulf Breeze Investments dba RNR Tire Express

Bio: Shannon is a 40+ year APRO member (originally with Baber’s and now with his RNR companies) where he served on the Board of Directors from 1999-2007 and was the APRO President for two years after having served as APRO’s 1st VP. He has been the longtime president of Alabama-Mississippi RDA, and he and his wife have attended the APRO Legislative Conference for more than 20 years. Previous awards he has received are Rental Dealer of the Year in 2003, and the President’s Award in 2013. Strunk loves the RTO business and states that it is an exciting job that changes daily--no day ever seems dull and there’s always a challenge around the next corner.

Adam Sutton


RNR Tire Express

Bio: Adam Sutton was born into the rent-to-own industry, as his father is Larry Sutton, AKA “The Reverend of RTO,” and the founder of RNR Tire Express. Adam began his career in advertising, serving as RNR’s first Marketing Director. He left to launch a creative agency, Red Letter Studios, with his new wife, working with top brands and many rent-to-own companies, and winning many APRO and national awards. He currently serves on the APRO Board of Directors.

Adam eventually partnered his agency with top digital advertising firm Thuzi, becoming Chief Experience Officer and leading hundreds of projects each year for global brands like Disney, Microsoft, and Oprah. Five years ago, Adam fulfilled a childhood dream by returning to work with his father at RNR Tire Express; today, he serves as this fast-growing company’s President.

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