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RTO Comes Together for Ronald McDonald House

A rendering of the exterior of the new 72-bedroom Ronald McDonald House in St. Louis City, Missouri.

The Great Expectations Foundation – a charity of SKC Enterprises Inc. dba Rent One and RNR Tire Express-Midwest – with help from Nationwide RentDirect and LG Electronics Corp., USA, recently donated more than 100 hospitality televisions to Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) in St. Louis, Missouri.

Great Expectations – founded by Rent One and RNR-Midwest Owners Larry and Sharon Carrico – worked with RentDirect Director John Laing to identify a partner in LG Electronics, where the TVs were secured for a new 72-bedroom Ronald McDonald House being built in St. Louis City.

“John worked tirelessly to connect us with Nicole Haltom (LG’s Hospitality Account Manager), and it paid off,” said Rent One and RNR-Midwest Vice President of Sales & Marketing Mark Williams. “LG and Nicole supplied the 100+ Pro-Idiom TVs within our budget.”

The new Ronald McDonald House will cost $34 million to construct, and will serve hundreds more families each year in the St. Louis area – one of almost 400 locations worldwide helping families stay close to their sick children while they heal.

“We’re honored to support RMHC in St. Louis,” said Larry Carrico. “For more than 20 years, our team members and clients have been served by the three Ronald McDonald Houses here, and all the others around the country, when their children have needed care and housing. We’ve been blessed to help alongside our trusted vendors in the rent-to-own industry.”

“Many times through the years, when we’ve been in need of TVs or other resources, we’ve turned to the Carricos, Rent One, and RNR-Midwest with a request to donate such items,” said Dan Harbaugh, President & CEO of RMHC – St. Louis. “And now, as we move toward the completion of a new house, they’ve stepped up again – simply incredible!”

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