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BMS Helps Homeless Over the Holidays

BMS Senior Vice President James MacAlpine (R) and coworker Bryan Bonilla (L) do OurCalling laundry duty with a smile.

Employees of APRO member Benefit Marketing Solutions (BMS) partnered late last year with Dallas, Texas-based OurCalling, a Christian nonprofit working to help the unhoused, to provide two days’ worth of volunteer time and energy for the organization.

Benefit Marketing Solutions employees Jose Leyva (L) and Casey Rodriguez (R) serve up good food to Dallas County’s unhoused at the OurCalling Outreach Center.

OurCalling works with Dallas County runaways, elderly, families, survivors of domestic violence or trafficking, and individuals with severe cognitive challenges, as well as people down on their luck who need a hand up. Through its outreach center, women’s center, placement solutions, proprietary software and directory, and church, the organization last year helped people exit homelessness 1,359 times.

BMS’ Gloria Alvarez works in the OurCalling warehouse to prepare clothing and hygiene products which will be given out to the community’s unhoused.

To offer OurCalling extra help during the holiday season, BMS staff worked for two days assisting the OurCalling kitchen staff in preparing meals, helping with laundry services, sorting and preparing clothing and hygiene products for distribution, filling guest orders for clothing and hygiene products, organizing and labeling items, handing out and restocking resources, and cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms.

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