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Get to Know Your Vendor Advisory Committee | Andrew Hajduk

Name: Andrew Hajduk

What is your current title/role?

I am President of Vox-Pop-Uli, Inc., a marketing execution company that provides print and apparel products.

How many years have you been working in rent-to-own?

Our company began working with Aaron’s Sales and Lease Ownership in 2002, and have expanded to supporting many other rental dealers across the U.S.

How did your career path lead you to work with RTO?

We began by working with an agency that supported Aaron’s, which eventually led to partnerships industrywide. Vox operates with a similar passion and energy as so many dealers, so it’s just a natural fit.

What is your favorite thing about rent-to-own?

I love the mindset of so many rental dealers who are willing to be aggressive and try things to positively impact their business – the ‘this sounds like a good plan; let’s try it’ mindset. I also appreciate how an individual RTO store can control its own destiny. We love working directly with stores and the buy-in some have with their ‘I’m going to own my market’ mentality.

What has been your proudest professional moment?

I have many moments I’m proud of over the past 28 years. Being elected to APRO’s Vendor Advisory Council was a big deal, and Vox has also twice been named Vendor of the Year by Buddy Mac Holdings LLC dba Buddy’s Home Furnishings. And every time we get a referral it brings pride, as it validates our entire teams’ efforts.

Why did you want to be a member of APRO’s Vendor Advisory Committee?

I love the rent-to-own industry, and I truly believe if we can make it better, then everyone wins. With our relationships throughout the industry and all of specialty retail, I can deliver a unique perspective to help RTO grow.

What issues do you hope to work on, and what sort of difference do you hope to make, during your time on the VAC?

I want to help improve the APRO experience for everyone involved – rental dealers and other vendors. I think we can get even greater involvement, sharing of ideas, and collaboration through increased engagement. I want to see APRO continuously become more relevant for all of us.

What’s your favorite non-work-related way to spend your time?

I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling to see Metallica concerts.

What’s your “happy place,” and why?

The trails along the Chattahoochee River here in Georgia. It’s a great place for me to go run and truly think.

Please share a favorite quotation, lyric, or saying, and what it means to you.

“I am not throwing away my shot,” from the Broadway musical Hamilton. I feel this musical is one of the greatest pieces ever created, and it has inspired me to learn more about Alexander Hamilton. His story reminds me that we all have the ability to change the world if we’re willing to put in the work.

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