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Uncommon Benefits: Direct Primary Care

More than 60% of rental dealers provide some kind of benefit to their employees – but what sort of benefits do RTO companies offer beyond the basics of PTO, and health, dental, or vision insurance?

We asked APRO members, What non-traditional benefits does your organization offer employees to stand out from competitors? And we received some awesome answers!

Katie Marie Meyer is glad to be able to offer DPC as part of Central Rent 2 Own’s complete benefits package.

One of our favorite responses came from Katie Marie Meyer of Idaho-based Central Rent 2 Own, who provides a benefit called Direct Primary Care (DPC). DPC is a medical benefit that works like a gym membership, and just like a gym, the monthly fee is the same no matter how often you go. The employer pays $60 a month per employee (depending upon age), which provides employees with access to a licensed doctor – typically a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, who considers the body holistically.

Because DPC is a bona fide health benefit and not insurance, it doesn’t affect other insurance or Medicaid. Employees don’t pay co-pays, are incentivized to get issues addressed promptly, and build a relationship with a dedicated primary care physician who comes from the local community and is available to them via text and after hours. They also receive access to wellness services – like strep testing and women’s health – as well as a pharmacy.

“Dr. Josh gives personalized care, he doesn’t make you wait for hours in a waiting room, and he offers telehealth easily,” says Meyer. “He knows all about the work at our company and takes care of our drivers especially well.”

Josh Wright enjoys the relationship he’s built with his DPC provider.

“Dr. Josh has a true compassion for people, adds manager Josh Wright. “He actually cares about his clients, and that is hard to find.”

DPC also benefits employers. For example, the Department of Transportation screening is covered under the monthly fee, saving the company valuable resources. And if an employee quits, then the business simply pays out the rest of the month and is done.

There are some critical facts to know as you consider a DPC benefit for your company. For instance, critical care and emergency room services may not be included. The cost of the service increases with employee age, e.g., you might pay $60/month for staff ages 20-39, but $85/month for staff ages 40-59. DPC can also serve as a supplement for rental dealers who already offer insurance and want to switch to a higher deductible plan paired with DPC for convenience and higher quality of care.

Central Rent 2 Own’s Angel Duncan discovered the benefits of DPC after she and her son went swimming with sharks and manta rays while on vacation; when they got home, her son had a mysterious infection under the skin on his toe.

“It was a Sunday night, and urgent care was 1.5-hour wait, so while we were waiting, I called Dr. Josh, even though my son wasn’t on my membership,” says Duncan. “Dr. Josh responded within 15 minutes, asked for a photo to see what was happening, and came up with a plan of action – including ordering antibiotics from an open pharmacy. And he was out of town on his own vacation!”

If you want to learn more about DPC or locate a program near you, please contact Katie Marie at

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