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RTO World 2023 Speaker Series: Michael Atme

In this series, learn about RTO World 2023 speakers, and what you’ll take away from their education session.

Michael Atme, Chief Revenue Officer, Paydit

Tell us more about yourself and your interest in sharing your RTO expertise with others. What motivates you to share the “secrets of your success”?

Throughout my career, I’ve developed a profound passion for the transformative power of technology. I firmly believe in its capacity to not only streamline business operations but also to significantly enhance the customer experience. Our work at Paydit has been a testament to this belief, where we’ve tirelessly dedicated years crafting a tailored solution, specifically for the rent-to-own space, and I’m excited to share it with you all.

Describe your session at RTO World 2023, and what attendees can hope to walk away with, e.g., actionable advice, new ideas, etc.

Our upcoming session at RTO World promises to be an immersive experience. We will conduct a live demonstration of our collections automation platform for the very first time, providing attendees with an exclusive preview of its revolutionary capabilities. The demonstration will not only highlight the platform’s features, but also showcase the digital strategies that underpin its success. Our goal is to equip attendees with a comprehensive understanding of how these technologies can be implemented in their own businesses and existing infrastructures.

What’s your favorite saying or word and why is it important to you?

My father would often impart a timeless piece of wisdom that has since resonated with me profoundly: “Work smarter, not harder.” Despite its simplicity, this saying has become an essential guidepost in my professional journey, shaping my perspective to challenges and opportunities alike, and it forms the bedrock of my operational approach. This is not a call to minimize effort, but rather to maximize the impact of that effort through intelligent strategies and effective tactics. It has served as a constant reminder to look beyond the conventional, to seek ways to turn adversity into an advantage, and to always strive for strategic efficiency over mere exertion.

What makes you laugh?

It would without a doubt be the Monday morning banter that fills the Paydit team’s Slack channels.

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