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Couple Feels the Buddy’s Love – All the Way to the Altar

Wedding season got going a little early this spring at Buddy Mac Holdings LLC, dba Buddy’s Home Furnishings Store #638 in Kennett, Missouri – as a longtime customer tied the knot right in the store!

Lloyd Saltsgaver stopped at the store one Monday in March to make a payment, and mentioned he was en route to his wedding at a local bowling alley. The store’s General Manager, Eddie Patterson, invited Lloyd to change the venue to the Buddy’s store, and Lloyd – and his bride-to-be Brittany Lincoln – agreed.

“‘Buddy’s love’ is more than just a saying,” Patterson said. “It’s getting to know our customers on a personal level. In the process of welcoming customers into the Buddy’s family, we interact directly their actual families.”

Buddy’s Home Furnishings Store #638 proudly presents Mr. and Mrs. Saltsgaver!

“Our goal is to get our customers to ownership, but it’s the relationships we build that really count,” said Buddy’s Division Manager, Michael Skehan. “What is ‘Buddy’s love’? It’s connecting with our communities and showing our neighbors, customers, and coworkers respect and good, old-fashioned love.”

The store live-streamed the brief ceremony via Facebook – where the couple had originally met through a mutual friend – and as a wedding present, treated the Saltsgavers to a honeymoon weekend in nearby Memphis, Tennessee.

“We’ve done a lot of business here, and y’all treat us like family,” said the groom. “You can’t beat Buddy’s!”

Brittany and Lloyd Saltsgaver share their wedding cake against a backdrop of Buddy’s appliances.

“It made our crew so happy that Lloyd and Brittany thought enough of us to share their special day with us,” Patterson concluded. “Building a relationship with our customers is not just something we do – it’s who we are as a company. ‘Buddy’s love’ is best!”

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