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Mentally Healthy Workplaces More Vital Than Ever

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Can your company commit to mental health excellence?

If you feel like there has been a constant stream of crises over the past three years without a break, you’re not alone.

As the third anniversary of the pandemic approaches, Americans continue to struggle with the myriad ways COVID-19 has changed their lives – economically, physically, and yes, maybe especially, mentally.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), America’s mental health is in crisis. Most respondents to APA’s 2022 Stress in America poll reported worse mental health, decreased physical activity, and increased unhealthy habits since March 2020 – all of which impact employees’ health and well-being, workplace environments, and productivity.

Helping workers manage their daily stress and deal with the everyday challenges that affect their mental health costs money, time, and energy, but evidence shows the costs of failing to prioritize associates’ psychological well-being can be much higher.

By actively promoting employees’ mental health, employers can create an accepting professional atmosphere where workers feel supported – ultimately improving job satisfaction and reducing employee turnover.

Last year, APRO pledged with the APA to strive for mental health excellence in the workplace. This year, we encourage APRO members to do the same by completing the APA’s commitment form:

Once your form is submitted, the APA will add your business name and logo to the list of companies, nonprofits, and institutions committing to this important work.

Click through for more information about mental health excellence in the workplace – and if your company is already prioritizing associates’ mental health, then let us know how, so we can share your good work with other APRO members!

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