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Show-Me-State Delivery Techs Show ‘Em Up at Rodeo 

All the finalists for the 2022 Rent One DT Rodeo Championship, including winners Anthony Heppermann and Carl Morningstar, claiming their trophies. 

Over the past few months, delivery technicians (DTs) from SKC Enterprises Inc., dba Rent One have been showcasing their skills at the company’s annual DT Rodeo! 

Tech teams from each of 13 regions competed – loading, delivering, servicing, and picking up merchandise to win their region’s top spot. Regional champions got to go to St. Louis for the 2022 DT Rodeo finals; this year’s competition included techs from 100+ stores across eight states. 

In late September, 13 regional champion teams met in St. Louis and took a trolley to Dave & Busters for an evening celebration with dinner and games. The next morning, competition began at 9:30 AM. Teams competed in the following events:

  • Arm Jerker Autopay 
  • Bedbug Bailout 
  • Boot the Bull Back on Rent 
  • Bullfighting Bundle 
  • Go Round Google Review
  • High-Rolling Hazards 
  • Personal Shopper Purse 
  • Pony-Up Puzzles 
  • Runaway Referrals 
  • Slider Slinger

The 2022 DT Rodeo Grand Champions are Anthony Heppermann and Carl Morningstar of Rent One’s store in Troy, Missouri. The pair was awarded a 50¢ raise, a 1st place trophy, a brand-new fully equipped toolbox, and bragging rights for the next year. 

Rent One delivery tech teams had to show they’re more than brawn; during the final competition, the pair had to puzzle through some brainpower exercises. 

“Our DTs are often the first and the last team members to see our clients,” noted Angie Brubaker, the company’s Director of Training and Development. “They have a huge influence on the customer’s perception of Rent One. So we want to make sure they’re equipped with all they need to help our clients and provide extraordinary customer service while visiting clients’ homes.” 

Rent One Owner and CEO Larry Carrico enjoys the contest as a fun way to set, train, and reinforce delivery standards, lessen liability and worker’s compensation claims, and give some positive recognition for team members working out on the frontlines every day. 

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