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A Day in the Life: Breanne Braddock

Breanne Baddock - A Day in the Life
2022: A Day in the Life in RTO | Breanne Braddock

Name: Breanne Braddock

What’s your current role/title? I am the Coworker Development Director and Marketing Manager with RNR of Missouri LLC, dba RNR Tire Express.

Years in RTO: 17 years.

What did you do before you began working in RTO?  I worked as a waitress following high school in Phoenix, AZ.

How did you find your current position?

I moved back home to Illinois, and was hired by SKC Enterprises Inc., dba Rent One, in the Service Center, quickly advanced to a Manager-In-Training position, and settled in as an Assistant Manager. About a year and a half later, I transitioned over as the RNR franchise journey began with Rent One CEO Larry Carrico and RNR of Missouri President Rich Bergman. Every year, they continue to challenge me to keep learning and growing; I feel very blessed to have such amazing mentors.

How did you prepare for your role in RTO?

I have a natural love of chasing the challenge of learning and staying ahead of trends. So I’m always researching, self-teaching, and connecting with others in the RTO industry to learn from them.

What do you do in a typical day or week?

I work with our marketing team to come up with new ways to keep our ten location communities engaged and growing with our brand, including text and online campaigns. I manage and report our leads, quotes, and sold conversions, as well as the success of text engagement with all online sales leads. I respond to all public reviews left on Google and in our social media. I use our private coworker Facebook page to engage my coworkers with challenges and contests, encourage coworker recognitions called BRAVOs (Being Recognized As Very Outstanding), and celebrate coworker anniversaries and milestones. I send “Welcome to the Family” packages to new hires, and meet with our Leadership Team to talk about objectives, set goals, share updates, track accomplishments, and discover ideas and solutions together.

What are the benefits of working in RTO?

The biggest benefit of working in rent-to-own is the rewarding connection I’ve created with clients who’ve become part of our RNR family. For many of them, it’s the first time they’ve had safe, reliable transportation to work, school, family vacations, etc., and I can personally relate – when I was 20 years old, I bought tires one or two at a time because it’s all I could afford. Many of the clients I had while running the Marion, IL location have seen my daughter grow up, and now that she’s 15, they still recognize her, even outside the store, and they treat us like we’re their family, too!

What do you love best about your job or employer?

This isn’t just an employer – this is The RNR Family. We’ve built a strong foundation of trust between our many team members, who value what we do every day. Seeing my coworkers set goals, challenge themselves and each other to succeed, and celebrate milestones along the way gives me fulfillment and purpose to keep showing up every day!

How do you manage work-life balance?

I faced many struggles at the beginning of my career trying to understand the importance of work-life balance. But over time, I’ve come to accept and understand that everyone’s definition of work-life balance is different, and that my definition has changed over the years. Today, I’ve got a job I love, I prioritize my health, I plan off time around my daughter’s schedule to ensure quality time with her, and I set time-management goals for myself. For me, balance has been achieved gradually over time.

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