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Mike’s Rent-to-Own Grows to 13 Locations

From left: Angela Strong-McCool, Mike Strong, and Michael Strong.

Kansas-based Mike Strong Inc., dba Mike’s Rent-to-Own is finishing 2021 strong, with the acquisition of two rent-to-own companies comprising six locations. With two of the new six rolled into existing Mike’s stores, the company has expanded to 13 stores throughout the state.

Mike’s, founded by Mike Strong in 1981, acquired A Full House – with locations in Beloit, Clay Center, Pratt, Russell, and Smith Center – and Basham’s Home Store in Wichita.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be expanding our family business into more Kansas towns,” said Mike’s daughter Angela Strong-McCool, who runs the company with her dad and her brother, Michael. “We love providing more families with good jobs and giving more community members somewhere to rent the nice stuff they deserve!”

“The pandemic has been hard in some ways, for sure,” said Mike. “We’ve spent a lot of money ordering inventory in large quantities to make sure we don’t run out, and of course, the prices on that inventory were not like we used to enjoy. But business has been real good, and we’ve continued to do rather well. I think we’re kind of lucky; we see some more expansion for Mike’s on the horizon, for sure, and I think the future for RTO as a business is bright.”

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