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New Resources Available for State Associations

APRO is committed to the sustainability of state associations. Recently, we shared an updated State Association Handbook designed to be an essential go-to resource for state association presidents.

As a guide for successful state organization, including tips and examples for managing an association, the handbook provides:

  • Details on all APRO services for state associations;
  • Important organizational documents to keep and record;
  • A checklist for starting a state association;
  • Leadership positions and recommendations;
  • Meeting types and engagement activities, including sample agendas and checklists;
  • Guidance on hosting guest speakers;
  • Answers to frequently asked legislative questions;
  • An outline of state awards criteria, and more!

Additionally, APRO is offering to keep a digital archive of organizational records for the longevity of state associations. Incoming state presidents look to reference historical records and other individuals often inquire about restarting inactive associations, but sometimes crucial documents have been lost through transitions, including:

  • Bylaws
  • Articles of incorporation
  • W-9
  • EIN
  • Tax records
  • A letter from the Secretary of State
  • Meeting minutes
  • Association logo
From Left: CAL-APRO President Paul Davis, Kentucky Rental Dealers Association President Bill Howard, and Illinois Rental Dealers Association President Kelly Martin

“I’m very excited to see APRO providing this handbook as a key president resource and for the assistance with archiving state documents,” said CAL-APRO President Paul Davis.

“The archive is a smart move and will help us continue to organize for years to come,” said Kentucky Rental Dealers Association Present Bill Howard. “I already gathered and shared my documents with APRO.”

“When I took over my role as president, I wasn’t sure where to find the documents I needed,” said Illinois Rental Dealers Association President Kelly Martin. “I’m pleased to help set up future state leadership for success — sign me up!”

“This is another step in assisting our volunteer-led state associations with sustaining strong business operations,” said APRO Executive Director Jill McClure. “Volunteers are juggling their day jobs with their volunteer work. APRO does what it can to help, so the volunteers can focus their energies on grassroots and outreach. We learned through leadership transitions during the last few years that states often don’t have a neutral repository for their important documents, so APRO will now provide that.”

A survey will be sent to state association presidents April 7, 2021, to gather these records if the organization wants to begin using this service.

State association presidents and past state members, if you have important documents related to your state association – active or not – please contact APRO. And for further questions about these resources or state associations, please email our team at

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