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Director of Finance Tulisha Wendele Tallies 30 Years with APRO!

Congratulations to our Director of Finance Tulisha Wendele, who celebrates 30 years with APRO this month!

APRO Director of Finance Tulisha Wendele wakes up to her unexpected yard sign.
Wendele gets surprised by a parade in her honor.

Tulisha was hired at APRO in March, 1991, originally as a receptionist. Despite her youth (she was practically an infant at the time!), Tulisha brought some diverse work experience with her; she had worked at the Lampasas Dispatch Record as a typesetter and circulation manager, at a law office as a legal secretary and bookkeeper, and at a service company as a receptionist and office manager. By 1992, she was serving as APRO’s Office Manager, and handling the bookkeeping and financial statements for the organization and its political action committee.

Today, as APRO’s Director of Finance, Tulisha also manages the general accounting, the annual audit, and RTO World finances – as well as the bookkeeping for 20 state associations. Additionally, she helps manage the database, proofread publications, and serves as a friendly and familiar face at the registration desk during APRO’s Legislative Conference and RTO World (when they’re being held in person).

The APRO team brought extra special clothes and accessories for Tulisha’s lunch.

“I think the secret to success in any job is to have the right attitude,” says Tulisha. “First, you have to enjoy what you’re doing. Then, you need to greet every day with a smile and a can-do attitude – not a have-to attitude, ‘Well, this is my job; I have to do it.’ I’ve just never viewed it that way. I like what I do, I like our members, and I want to be as helpful as I can. Whatever people need help with, I try to figure it out.”

Thank you, Tulisha, for your can-do attitude, and all the figuring you do for APRO and its members!

From left: Jamie Powers, Bridget Marotz, Jill McClure, Kristen Card, Tulisha Wendele, Ed Winn III, Kaiden Gray, and Christine Jenkins.

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