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Premier Prepares to Debut Leading-Edge Interactive Training

The Premier Companies, following over a year of preparation and production, is set to debut a new and improved online training system: The revamped Premier University is a video-based, interactive learning management system, designed to streamline training for franchisees’ whole staffs, including sales, technology, delivery and other operations associates.

“Premier University was first created in 2012 to meet the training needs of our franchisee-based organization,” says Laura Emerson, Premier’s Director of Peak State Performance. “The older, textbook-style online training featured in the original Premier University simply became outdated. The new platform is entirely video-based and uses the latest interactive technology to fulfill the expectations of our franchisees and associates alike.”

Premier has had a production crew working on the extremely ambitious and complex project since 2019; they shot hundreds of hours of raw footage featuring 15-20 actors, which has now been edited down to about 40 hours of training content.

“The project was huge because Premier wanted interactivity in their training,” Kevin Campbell, Executive Producer of the project, says. “Interactive training is much like making a video game, with lots of different components. Interactivity reinforces important information, while actor-based video helps keep learners engaged. Together, they make lessons fun, and people learn better.”

“Every Premier franchisee will now have access to this incredibly comprehensive training platform,” says Trooper Earle, President of Premier. “Its video-based interactivity will be perfect for our up-and-coming Millennial and Generation Z associates.”

The official release of the new Premier University system is scheduled for January 2021.

“Premier leadership had a vision,” Campbell says. ”And not even a global pandemic could stop us from creating this awesome employee learning experience.”

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