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Full-O-Pep Appliances Celebrates 39th Anniversary

July 28, 2020, Bloomington, Indiana – How does a rent-to-own company celebrate its 39th anniversary in the midst of a pandemic?

If it’s Full-O-Pep Appliances Inc., dba American Rental, the answer is “very, very safely.” 

According to the company’s Marketing Director Amy Swain, “We gave careful thought to the safety of everyone attending and took many precautions to make this year’s event an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone.” 

Among the safety steps Full-O-Pep implemented was providing managers their own hotel rooms to promote appropriate social distancing. At the trade show, attendees were divided into two groups, each attending alternate dates and times, with one arriving after lunch to reduce the number of shared meals. Other actions included having a single manager in each trade booth, with timed rotations for booth visits and a reduction in the overall number of vendors, to maintain a one-to-one ratio with managers.

The company also focused on providing PPE – including masks, gloves and hand sanitizer – for everyone, with bathrooms available on site for frequent hand washing.

The hog roast hosted by company President David P. David also promoted sanitation and safety, with handwashing stations and two tents, with tables six feet apart, for attendees, and social distancing during the meal, which was served rather than being provided on a buffet.

Even the staging of the entertainment focused on safety, with different microphones for the members of the two live bands and speakers, and chairs spaced across the lawn.

The anniversary celebration also included a charity golf tournament benefitting Riley Children’s Hospital.

It took a lot of time, planning and teamwork to make this year’s event happen,” says David.  “The vendors went over and above to make sure we had product to show.  Everyone worked together to pull this off.  The feedback – from employees, vendors, that the show was Awesome and super well run and even from the bands, who hadn’t played since February – was positive.”

About Full-O-Pep Appliances Inc.

Full-O-Pep Appliances Inc., dba American Rental, retails household furnishings. The Company offers furniture, electronics, appliances, computers and lawn and garden equipment. Its headquarters is in Bloomington, Indiana.

More pictures from the event can be found here.

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