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The 2019 IRDA Annual Meeting Round-Up

The members of the Illinois Rental Dealers Association (IRDA) gathered on October 29 in Springfield, Ohio for the 2019 IRDA Annual Meeting. Attendees at this year’s meeting split their time between participating in small group round table discussions and charting the course for IRDA over the coming year.

The 2019 meeting saw a changing of the guard on the board, as long-serving members David Keen and Steve Branning, in addition to board member Glenn Wallace, closed out their terms. They will be replaced by Paul Huffman, Stan Davis, and Joe Saez.

The current serving officers, President Kelly Martin, Vice President Mike Ceruzzi, and Treasurer Larry Carrico, will continue to serve in their current roles for another year, providing IRDA with continuity and stability from its leadership team.

On the government relations front, IRDA expects activity to pick up in the Illinois State Legislature, as it shifts its focus from major legislation to a series of smaller consumer protection bills. Members are also encouraged to keep an eye out for any laws passed in other states that could provide roadmaps for IRDA to push for in Illinois.

IRDA Legislative Day 2019

Finally, the IRDA board will be setting its 2020 Legislative Day for late April 2020. The leadership also hopes to combine the Legislative Day and Annual Meeting into a single, two-day gathering, where both ownership and management of IRDA member firms may participate. This would be part of a broader effort to improve social engagement within the state’s rental dealers community. In addition, IRDA will create a Facebook Group for employees of IRDA members.

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