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Third Annual INRDA Meeting in the Books

INRDA met for its third annual business meeting Tuesday, September 10.

The Iowa-Nebraska Rental Dealers Association [INRDA] met Tuesday, September 10, for its third annual business meeting. This year’s informative meeting included presentations from six industry speakers followed by board of directors elections, and an open discussion forum.

Along with APRO’s General Counsel, Ed Winn III, the attendees heard from Leonard Alonzo, Vice President of Sales for RES Accessories; Doug Struyk of Carney & Appleby; Karin Derry, Iowa Representative; Angie McClimon, Rental Account Manager of O’Rourke Sales Company; and Lauren Talicska, Director of RTO Client Services for wowbrands.

Winn’s legal update included the current political climate and what it could mean for the rent-to-own industry. He discussed several new laws that were enacted this year in states, although none pertaining to Iowa or Nebraska. He also touched on various lawsuits around the country and the possible impacts they could have on RTO business practices.

Representative Derry, a first term member of the Iowa House of Representatives, addressed the group. She gave them a brief bio including her inspiration for wanting to get into politics. She shared her compelling story of a decidedly non-professional politician who was determined to make her state politics run better while accomplishing more and detailed her initial reactions encountering the political process for the first time as an outsider. Dealers praised her talk and thanked her for taking time out to come visit with them.

Next, the group’s lobbyist Doug Struyk summarized some of the hot issues that had been at play in the legislature last term and how those issues played out. He spent time going over the state’s budget and how the legislature handled some difficult budgetary issues. He has been a long-time lobbyist for the Iowa Rental Dealers and is a valued member of the association.

Industry presenters included Leonard Alonzo who shared what RES Accessories does for rental dealers. Several members in the audience praised RES saying they could get better pricing and service than going to Home Depot. Angie McClimon of O’Rourke addressed the group and told them of several specials her company had for the fall, including big screen TV’s with AI technology as well as specials on several gaming systems. Lauren Talicska of wowbrands, gave a seminar showing how dealers should be handling their websites with internet marketing. She brought considerable expertise to her presentation and showed the differences between how retail stores and how RTO dealers are handling their digital marketing presence.

During the business meeting portion of the event, board members were elected for another term. The INRDA newly elected and re-elected directors are Frank Rotert, President; Jason Kunz, Vice President; Brian Luksetich, Secretary and Treasurer; and board members Tom Bernau, Mark Connelly, Brent Gregurek, Lyn Leach, John Maitland, and Ed Spuzello. Congratulations to all of these elected members!

Click here to see more photos of this year’s INRDA annual meeting. The INRDA Spring Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 14, 2020.

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