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MAJIK Offers Program for Employees Seeking Financial Health

Scott Waltman, Director of Employee Development at MAJIK Rent-to-Own, spearheaded a group of employees to participate in a nine-week financial health program to help employees move towards a debt-free life through establishing emergency funds, making debt payments, and relinquishing the dependency on credit cards.

Learning how to end a family’s financial struggles across generations is one of the most life-changing investments a person can make. Waltman knew this first hand after completing a course called Financial Peace University (FPU). He was so much a believer that he talked to Majik owner Dan Fisher about offering a financial health course for all of Majik’s employees. “Dan even offered to reimburse the $69 enrollment fee for those that graduated.”

To ensure the MAJIK Rent-to-Own employees were on the path to financial success, Waltman organized video chats, workbook exercises, weekly budget updates, Facebook shout outs, and one-on-one training. “We had 27 people at 10 locations and we worked with them in small teams,” shares Waltman.

MAJIK Rent-to-Own employees tackled financial issues by learning how to erase debt, building a monthly budget, and saving for the future. “The course was offered to all employees and virtually everyone who started, graduated,” says Fisher. “ Scott deserves all of the credit for making this happen.”

After the nine weeks, the graduates cut up 29 credit cards, established almost $50,000 in emergency funds, and paid-off approximately $60,000 of debt. Additionally, wills were written, 401(k) contributions were matched at 6%, and meal planning tips were given to establish financial longevity. 

For more information on how MAJIK Rent-to-Own rolled out FPU, contact Scott Waltman at 717/368-6313,

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