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It’s GAME ON for Rent-2-Own

R2O Zanesville, OH, 2019 Store of the Year

Countryside Rentals, dba Rent-2-Own [R2O], held its annual meeting last week in Wilmington, OH. This year’s “Game On” meeting celebrated the transformation the company embarked on after its “Reinvent R20” annual meeting last year that paved the way to a new way of doing business and the success that followed. The event included company-wide games, prizes, an awards presentation, a Jeep Cherokee giveaway, and special guest speaker Giovani Bernard, running back for the Cincinnati Bengals.

“We were able to streamline our business process and focus more on the products that customers wanted in 2018,” shares R2O Communications Manager Jessica Mahon. “We saw many people grow and get promoted last year. Now we’re set up and ready for a great 2019 after having the best January we’ve had in several years!”

2019 R2O Rookie of the Year Skye Lovejoy

R2O pulled out all the stops incorporating the “Game On” theme from video and boardgame decor to attendee costumes. Each store chose a game to represent and took turns explaining how their game themed costume connected to business and rent-to-own. Various prizes were awarded at random throughout the day, including a car that was awarded to the very lucky Megan Saunders of R2O in Bainbridge, OH.

Cincinnati Bengals’ Bernard spoke to the company about the importance of being prepared and how to get back in the game even when you’re down. He motivated the group by discussing goal setting, emphasized that sharing knowledge enhances the odds of winning and identifyed what is needed to compete against a competitor successfully. After his presentation, Bernard took photographs and autographed gear for employees and even stuck around to join the fun.

R2O CEO and President Mike Tissot with parents Darrell and Jane Tissot

During the awards ceremony, vendors were recognized and received “Valued Vendor” plaques on stage before moving onto the 2018 R2O employee awards: Regional Manager Donna Treboni, Employee of the Year; Warehouse Delivery Specialist Larry Throckmorton, Home Office Employee of the Year; Todd David and Amy Troxel, Diane Smalley Lifetime Achievement; Zanesville, OH, Store of the Year; Chrissy Davidson, Manager of the Year; Rene Johnson, Assistant/Sales/Collections Manager of the Year; Rachel Patterson, Account Manager of the Year; Skye Lovejoy, Rookie of the Year; Ellie Russell, Customer Sales Representative of the Year; James Giles and James McComic, Delivery Specialist of the Year. Congratulations to all of R2O’s top performers!

“Rent-2-Own is planning for continued success in 2019. We will continue to reflect and transform the business in our attempts to smash records,” says Mahon. “Game on!”

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