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RTOHQ: The Magazine A Gathering of Rent-to-Own Family

The Winter 2018 issue of RTOHQ: The Magazine reflects a familial feel with two APROfiles on RTO pro’s: Sharon Tomaszewski, a second-generation rent-to-own operator helping guide and protect the industry like family; and Bill French, an industry leader with almost a half-century of distribution sales accredits his caring approach to not only his, but his colleague’s success. RTO World 2018, the first-ever APRO and TRIB Group collaboration on a national rent-to-own convention and trade show, was held this past August in St. Louis, Missouri. More than 700 attendees participated in the inaugural event, which included plenty of momentous firsts for everyone. Jump over to page 38 for a scrapbook of highlights of the industry’s biggest event of the year. In our feature, “Heads and Tails,” we take a deep dive into trade associations and buying groups. We cover the differences and benefits between the two types of organizations, and as you might suspect, they both provide value while playing very different roles in your success. Also in this issue, we cover a double dose of tax tidbits—APRO General Counsel Ed Winn III provides a legal update on taxing transactions on the internet, while APRO associate members, CPA’s Kim Cardenas and Mike Helton of Rivero, Gordimer & Company P.A., prepare you for tax planning with the top 15 tax strategies. Click here to read the entire Winter 2018 issue of RTOHQ: The Magazine.

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