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Iowa-Nebraska Hold Second Annual Meeting in La Vista

The recently formed Iowa-Nebraska Rental Dealers Association held its second annual meeting on Thursday, September 13. Rental dealers met in La Vista, Nebraska, to discuss the state of the rent-to-own industry—in both states and as a whole—and to elect a new board of directors. INDRA representatives Nebraska lobbyist Matt Schaefer, his guest Senator Mark Kolterman and Iowa lobbyist Doug Struyk addressed the political climate in the region, summarized the 2018 legislative session and presented an informative legal update on what to expect in 2019. Additional speakers included INRDA event sponsors Al Benson of Central File Marketing, WOW!Brands’ Andrew Catapano, Vice President of Rental Sales for Ashley Furniture Gary Jones, as well as APRO’s General Counsel Ed Winn III. INDRA’s newly elected and re-elected directors are Brent Gregurek, president; Frank Rotert, vice president; Brian Luksetich, secretary and treasurer; and board members Tom Bernau, Mark Connelly, Scott Ellenwood, Lyn Leach, John Maitland, Tammy Maitland, Frank Rotert, and Ed Spuzello.

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