APRO’s Code of Ethics: Members Shall Uphold and Improve the Integrity of the Industry

APRO’s Code of Ethics was created when the association was formed in 1980 as part of an effort to organize the industry against legislative threats at the time. APRO’s first members wrote the code of ethics to establish a set of guidelines consistent with what they felt should be the industry’s values and ethical standards. These 14 Code of Ethics are still the defining guidance that APRO members agree upon to maintain a healthy business environment. In April, the APRO Board of Directors identified reconfirming these Code of Ethics as a priority during their Strategic Planning meeting, and as a result, APRO will feature a series of articles to familiarize and reconfirm each of these ethical standards with membership.

Members shall uphold and improve the integrity of the industry by affirmations of truth and fairness, by building good will and by providing beneficial goods and services to customers and others concerned with the industry.

APRO’s 5th article in its Code of Ethics outlines the importance of integrity, truth and fairness within the industry.  Our mission is to deliver outstanding value to our customers, colleagues and communities.  This can only be achieved by striving to build goodwill through fair practices and earnestness in business.

APRO’s membership must insist on maintaining the highest ethical standards in daily operations to become trusted partners to our customers, colleagues and communities.  We build trust by acting with integrity in everything we do, from offering high quality products to providing beneficial goods and services and ensuring consistency and honesty in our interactions with customers.

This culture must be incubated at all levels of the industry, and all employees should buy in to this ethics policy and reaffirm their commitment to it each year. Addressing ethics throughout your new employee orientation process and throughout the course of your long-term business training plan can pay dividends to both your bottom line and for the overall industry.