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Rental Purchase Dealers Association of Indiana to Meet with Indiana Official

The Rental Purchase Dealers Association of Indiana will meet with Ryan Black, Deputy Director at the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions on Friday, July 20, at 3:00 p.m. at the Season’s Lodge and Conference Center. Deputy Director Black will outline various topics and areas in which the Department oversees and will be available for questions afterwards. The RPDA meeting will coincide with Full-O-Pep’s Annual Trade Expo and Kent Hoffman Memorial Charity Golf Tournament on July 20-21 at the same location. RPDA Lobbyist Mark Palmer, APRO Executive Director Jill McClure and APRO Board of Directors members David P. David and RPDA President Dennis Adams will also be in attendance. For more information on the RPDA meeting, contact Dennis Adams at 812/333-7496, To register to attend the event, exhibit at the trade expo or to sponsor the event, contact Cari Barnes at 812/961-2513 or David Power at 812/961-2520. For more information on golf tournament, contact Kelly Ireland at 812/360-4811.

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