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Tennessee Rental Dealers Annual Meeting in Nashville

APRO General Counsel Ed Winn III presents a legal update to the Tennessee Rental Dealers Association at its 2018 annual meeting.
The Tennessee Rental Dealers Association met this week for its annual meeting at the Nashville DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The meeting included sponsor presentations, special guest speakers Rent One President Trent Agin, Countryside Rentals President Mike Tissot, Credit Law Center Attorney Jim Roberts and APRO General Counsel Ed Winn III, plus the election board of directors. TRDA members first arrived in Nashville and got together for an evening dinner on Tuesday, June 26, at the Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown Nashville. The annual meeting began the following morning with various sponsor presentations highlighting new products and services available to rental dealers in the state of Tennessee. Mike Tissot gave a presentation on his “RTO Triage,” an assessment tool that rental dealers can use to determine the relative health of their business. By asking questions about their staff, sales, collections, marketing efforts and their business models, dealers can diagnose the weaknesses and strengths and begin making assessments and adjustments accordingly. Trent Agin discussed competing in today’s new economy and how to maintain a strong business culture at your organization by focusing on how to cultivate an atmosphere that will position your staff to exceed their potential. APRO Associate member Jim Roberts spoke to members on how to deal with various situations that can arise involving bankruptcy and how to deal with them legally and effectively. Ed Winn III then presented an informative legal update providing a list of topics that members and vendors should consider from a legal perspective on the current state of the industry. TRDA’s newly elected, or re-elected, board of directors are Chris Bolin, president; James Garland, vice president; Eddie Ford, secretary/treasurer; board members Trent Agin, Carl Coble and Janet Thompson. Click here for more information about the Tennessee Rental Dealers Association.

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