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The APRO Code of Ethics: Did You Know?

The APRO Code of Ethics was created alongside the association in 1980, written by the first APRO members to establish a set of guidelines consistent with what they felt should be ingrained in the industry’s values, priorities, and ethical standards.

Today, this 14-point Code of Ethics endures as the defining guidance that APRO members agree upon in order to maintain a healthy business environment for the rent-to-own industry. As the Code of Ethics continues to be not just relevant but essential to our association and our membership four decades later, we offer this series of newsletter articles to recap and reconfirm each of these ethical standards with you.


Members shall abide by the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the Association.

APRO’s Articles of Incorporation were signed by Texas Secretary of State George Strake Jr., in October of 1980, officially establishing APRO as a nonprofit corporation and listing seven founding articles. Articles 1 to 5 give the name, nonprofit status, duration (perpetual), purpose, and initial registration of office and agent (Edward Win III, current General Counsel and the first Executive Director) for the association. Article 6 names the founding APRO Board of Directors as Edward Winn III, James Damron, and Henry Ryan III, and article 7 lists the street address.

Request the Articles of Incorporation.

The APRO Bylaws were also created in 1980 with the association and were amended in 2009. The bylaws establish a standard by which the industry is to conduct its business, and includes a mission statement to keep focus on the organization’s clear purpose:

APRO is committed to being the national rent-to-own trade association by providing valuable member benefits, maintaining a benevolent business climate, and promoting professionalism in the industry with responsibility and integrity.

In addition to establishing the association’s name, nonprofit status, and physical location (Austin, Texas), the bylaws include 17 foundational articles, covering everything from the purpose of APRO to its annual dues, member-meeting frequency (annually), and details governing its board of directors and special committees.

Click here for the full list of APRO Bylaws.

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