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APRO’s Chad Fosdick Sponsors Kickoff Event for Cody Park Concession Stand

APRO member and Premier Rental-Purchase Owner Chad Fosdick participated in Cody Park Concession Stand’s Memorial Day weekend kickoff event on Friday, May 25 in North Platte, Nebraska, by sponsoring the park’s activities. Fosdick sponsored the public event each of the last three years, which features free rides, a petting zoo and face painting. The first year Premier got involved, Fosdick said the event was an unexpected, overwhelming success. “We just ended up with luck of the draw—that first year we got there very first day they were open,” says Fosdick. “We were unprepared for how well it went over.” As the event has evolved, Premier has worked to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible. After the first year featured only rides that left long lines so, Premier introduced a petting zoo and face painting the following year. “Last year, we were extremely prepared. We got real serious about putting on a real event as well as being organized about who’s doing what when and when, and here we are with our third year,” shares Fosdick.

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