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APRO Board Member David P. David Acquires Four New Stores

American Rental sign installation in Linton, Indiana.
APRO Board Member and Full-O-Pep Appliances, dba American Rental President David P. David recently acquired Raper’s Rent to Own and three PDQ Rentals in Indiana. American Rental first opened in 1981 in Bloomington, Indiana, and with the acquisitions the company now has a total of 52 retail locations throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. “One thing that will never change is our dedication to our customers,” pledges David. The acquisition Raper’s Rent to Own located in Richmond, Indiana, acquisition was a result of the retirement of store owner Charlene Clark in April. Clark sold her Bloomington, Indiana, store to American Rental in 2016 and a second location in Seymour, Indiana, in 2017. “Selling to American Rental – I feel like they are a good company with good people and good products,” says Clark. “You don’t mind turning over your customers to someone who’s going to do right by them. It’s been a good transition.”
American Rental Account Manager Rachel Atwood in Jasper, Indiana.
The acquisition of PDQ Rentals located in Linton, Washington and Jasper, Indiana, was also a result of the retirement of Owner and former American Rental employee Dana Drake. “I’m very happy to be retiring, and fortunate that David wanted to buy my business,” shares Drake. “I really enjoyed my six years with American Rental. Jim and David really taught me a lot about the rent to own business.” “For all of our new acquisitions, we’re offering new products to their customers that they hadn’t carried before and we’re able to offer them our club program and six months same as cash,” says David. “We’re happy to be in two new cities.” Click here to see more photos of the American Rentals acquisitions.

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