Kansas Rental Dealers Association Meet April 24 in Mulvane

The Kansas Rental Dealers Association will meet for its annual association meeting at the Kansas Star Casino on April 24-25 in Mulvane, Kansas. The meeting is open to KRDA members, members of other state associations or anyone with Rent-to-own stores in Kansas. Two board of directors’ seats will be elected at the annual meeting.

KRDA was established in 2007 as a nonprofit organization and then restructured in 2010. The association established a scholarship program in 2015 that is administered by APRO and is available to members, employees and children of employees. The deadline for membership dues is April 17 and is $100 per store. Dues for existing members will also be accepted at the annual KRDA meeting on April 24.

A block of discounted rooms are available at $89 if reserved by April 6. To make reservations online, click here. For more information about KRDA, how to join or about registering for the annual meeting, contact Ken Steiner at 573-489-0622, steineraa@aol.com.