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Showplace Rolls Out Community Involvement Fund

From a humble start selling TVs from his front porch in 1982, Gary Ferriman has always had a heart for the people and communities Showplace Rent-To-Own serves. Now his philosophy of giving back has been recommitted by the company’s Community Involvement Fund along with participation in a collaborative marketing initiative, The Collective. The Showplace Community Involvement Fund is comprised of donations from the company as well as the Ferriman family. The fund has designated thousands of dollars for local charities, sponsorships and other community involvement efforts in addition to store marketing funds that have given general managers the ability to run local promotions in between company campaigns. The fund will be managed by general managers with oversight provided by district managers and the Showplace marketing department. General managers will be encouraged to find ways Showplace can make a difference. From large projects such as volunteering and helping fund a community food bank to donating to smaller, yet impactful causes, Showplace has committed to step up its community support.
Associates of Showplace Rent-To-Own volunteer at Springfield Food Bank for Thanksgiving dinner.
In addition to its recommitment to community support, the company joined Dan Fisher’s Majik Rent-To-Own and Mike Strong’s Mike’s Rent-To-Own as the first companies to participate in The Collective, an initiative driven by Mike Tissot of Countryside Rentals dba Rent-2-Own. The Collective is a new group of independent rent-to-own dealers working collaboratively to enforce and focus on marketing best practices. More companies have already jumped on board, and the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best in the industry led Showplace’s decision to join. “Instead of continuing to earmark funds for local store marketing efforts, Showplace will embrace The Collective’s marketing efforts and dedicate more money at the local level for community involvement,” shares Showplace Marketing Manager and Communications Coordinator Tony Craig. “Showplace knows it takes more than having great prices and good-looking stores to meet its mission to be a special place to work, a special place to shop and the Best RTO Store in Town. Showplace is putting its money on the line to earn that designation all across central Ohio.” Click here to see more photos of Showplace at the Springfield Food Bank.

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