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Better Business Bureau Honors Ace Rent-To-Own for Integrity

Nebraska-based Ace Rent-To-Own won the Integrity Award from the Better Business Bureau that serves Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas Plains and Southwest Iowa. The award recognizes businesses that demonstrate ethical business practices with key stakeholders including customers, employees and the community at large, rather than a company’s growth, profitability or popularity. The Integrity Award Winners were chosen by an independent panel of judges consisting of metro Omaha business leaders and members of the academic community. “The 2017 Integrity Award winners join an elite group of organizations that realize dealing fairly and honestly with employees, customers and partners is central to profitability and growth,” says Jim Hegarty, Better Business Bureau’s president and chief executive officer. “They serve as role models to all businesses and the Better Business Bureau Foundation is pleased to honor them with this prestigious award.” Rent-to-own industry leader and former APRO president Lyn Leach launched Ace Rent-To-Own in 1982; today, he oversees 21 locations in Nebraska and Iowa. “We are thrilled to be honored with the prestigious Integrity Award,” says Leach. “We believe this will be beneficial to our business as well as the rental purchase industry. It is our hope that this will spur other rental purchase companies to apply for this award and be recognized in other areas of the country—demonstrating our industry’s commitment to customer service and business integrity.” Lyn was presented the honor on October 10 in Lincoln, Nebraska during the Better Business Bureau’s awards ceremony.

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