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Tennessee Rental Dealers Award $15k in Scholarships—Highest Total in State Rental Dealer Association History

The Tennessee Rental Dealers Association recently awarded $15,000 in college scholarships to six students as part of the APRO Education Foundation’s 2017 scholarship program. For the last few years, the TRDA board has contributed $10,000 in college scholarships annually, but after a surprising increase in the number of scholarship applications this year, the board unanimously approved to increase the amount to $15,000. “TRDA board members are urging other state rental dealer associations to do or give more because we really do believe this a great cause,” says TRDA President Chris Bolin. TRDA’s 2017 donation is the highest contribution received from a single state rental dealer association since the program was launched almost a decade ago. This year, one of the recipients, Alexis Doroba, was awarded her second scholarship, courtesy of TRDA. Doroba attends Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, where she is pursuing a bachelor of science in elementary education and special education with a minor in American Sign Language. “I am so grateful,” she says. “Although I have received other forms of financial aid these scholarships have really helped with my out-of-pocket expenses.” Once her studies are complete, Doroba, who was nominated for the scholarship by John Doroba of Bolin Rental Purchase, plans to move to Tennessee where she will teach special education while implementing her sign language training. Members of the Tennessee Rental Dealers Association have donated a total of $30,000 to APRO’s Education Foundation’s Scholarship Fund since 2015. The following TRDA 2017 scholarship recipients are Lekendric Castion, Cheyenne Davis, Alexis Doroba, Hannah Hogan, Chandler Morel, Conner Morel.

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