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New APRO Associate Member Capital Concierges Offers Wide Range of Financial Services

Tom Murphy, a 15-year RTO veteran, has launched a new company, Capital Concierges, a loan-advisory firm for the alternative-lending industry. Prior to this new endeavor, Murphy worked for Florida-based Champion Rent to Own, after which he was an RTO-industry vendor of products such as Yamaha home theater systems. “With Capital Concierges, we want to help rent-to-own businesses obtain immediate working capital,” Murphy says. The company provides bridge loans, private money, inventory financing, a line of credit, equipment financing or leasing, franchise financing, selling/placing of debt receivables and more. “Whatever the need may be for the RTO dealer, Capital Concierges is at your financial service,” he adds. Co-founder Jeffery Hartman is founder of Fitzgerald Debt Acquisitions, a leading debt-loan advisory firm for performing and non-performing assets. “When it comes to making money and debt, Jeffery is the industry’s most knowledgeable man for the job,” Murphy attests. “Our privately backed financing is different from any bank or institution [RTO professionals] may have attempted to borrow from in the past,” Murphy says. “You don’t need a clean credit history, and you don’t need any collateral. Even if you have an excellent credit history and lots of collateral to put down, you are still not guaranteed that banks will lend to you.” For more information, contact Murphy at 800/897-1409;

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