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National TV’s “Families Helping Families” Builds Ramp for Veteran

After a long day in the summer heat building a wheelchair ramp for Rusty Henson (center), National TV’s Tyler Bonham and Pam Bozworth help Henson celebrate the home improvement.
When citizens in southern Missouri communities need help, National TV Sales & Rental is often there to lift them up—sometimes literally. Employees from National TV’s store in Nevada, Missouri, spent last weekend in the summer heat helping to build a wheelchair ramp at the home of Marine Corp veteran Rusty Henson. Henson, who requires wheelchair assistance, was experiencing difficulty getting up onto and off his front porch, but with the aid of National TV’s “Families Helping Families” program, a team of rent-to-own professionals, along with some contractors, built Henson a wheelchair ramp and provided easy access in and out of his home. National TV’s community outreach project was recognized by local television station KSN. Click here to view the KSN news story. The “Families Helping Families” initiative was created in 1986 by National TV’s owners Mark and Kathy Windsor. The charitable program provides much-needed donations and assistance to families across Missouri. “We have helped many in need due to disasters and bad luck, as well as those who simply need to help their families,” says Terry Beauchamp, National TV’s marketing assistant. “Whether its providing coats and gloves in the winter, paying an electric bill, mowing a yard, buying groceries for Thanksgiving dinner or building a wheelchair ramp, we’re always looking for another project.” National TV Sales & Rental, based in Lebanon, Missouri, offers a payroll-deduction option to employees who wish to donate to the company’s charitable program. “Without the employees, we could not do what we do,” Beauchamp adds. Voluntary employee payroll deductions are at the heart of the charity, and those pooled funds are matched by the Windsors. Additional proceeds for the “Families Helping Families” program are raised at raffles and auctions held during National TV’s annual meetings.

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