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Carrico’s Newest Rent One and RNR Head to Paducah

Rendering of what the new shopping plaza will look like
Former APRO President Larry Carrico, who owns Rent One and is an RNR franchisee, is partnering with his son, Steven, to open a shopping mall near Paducah, Kentucky this fall. The shopping plaza will house Carrico’s newest Rent One and RNR Tires in addition to various other businesses. Carrico operates 73 Rent One stores and 7 RNR Tires in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Carrico plans to add two more RNR Tires to the mix. One in Alton, IL by October and the other in St. Peter’s, MO the first of the year. He believes that rent-to-own will continue to grow as it has in the past but there is a real opportunity for RNR Tires. “Rent One stores are up against a much more saturated market and we’ve come up with a concept of why RNR works. RNR Tires provides two services – transportation and safety to our clients, along with the benefits of a payment program,” explained Carrico. Additionally, RNR Tires offers complete maintenance as part of the tire rental agreement such as front-end alignments and balancing of the wheels is all inclusive. “When you pay $20 a week and you roll out of the store, you’re alignment is going to be in shape, your tires are going to be installed properly and balanced. If you decide you want it, you have complete service,” added Carrico. “If something happens, we’re going to take care of it. Just like we do with a washer or dryer or TV. If it breaks down, we’re going to fix it or replace it.” McCracken County local WPSD 6 news picked up Carrico’s developments and plans to bring more business to the Paducah area. “He’s adding to that growth by building more than 17,000 square feet of retail space in one of the city’s busiest areas,” WPSD 6 reported. Click here to read the full story.   

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