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Latest RTOHQ: The Magazine E-Verify and Rent-to-Own Employees

The cover story for the May-June issue of RTOHQ: The Magazine takes a look at the federal government’s E-Verify program, which helps employers confirm that their employees have a legal right to work in the U.S. E-Verify is free to employers and, with some exceptions, voluntary. However, 22 states so far have adapted the program within their state borders, and are making it mandatory for some—and, in a few cases, all—employees in those states. APRO General Counsel Ed Winn III takes us through the process, reports on E-Verify requirements state-by-state, and advises rental dealers on what to do if an employee is determined to be ineligible to work in the U.S.

Fuse 2017: APRO’s National RTO Convention & Trade Show made the most of its island time during the three-day gathering in Galveston. Our scrapbook of highlights from May is a perfect memento of the RTO industry’s biggest event of the year. It was a time for open-hearted welcomes, fond farewells and a center-stage haircut—plus a whole lot more.

Also in this issue, APRO Deputy Executive Director Richard May outlines the latest RTO-industry statistical survey, the first of its kind in more than five years. The new numbers provide a insights on a range of topics, including the rise in e-commerce RTO business and how it is affecting brick-and-mortar concerns.

Finally, Kristen Card profiles two rent-to-own colleagues who became “blood sisters” when one of them donated a kidney to the other. In our feature “A Life-Saving Bond,” these courageous women share their inspiring story, yet another demonstration of the close ties forged within the RTO community.

Click here to read the entire May-June issue of RTOHQ: The Magazine.

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