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You Won’t Want to Miss Fuse 2017’s Education Day at the Beach!

Tropical BrainstormThis year’s line-up of seminars and speakers will provide the quality of education you’ve come to expect from APRO, with a wide variety of topics up for discussion and some innovative strategies to take back home and implement in your stores. Whether it’s marketing, human resources, health care expenses, payment card processing, improving your online presence or pinpointing what limits your success, it will be addressed at Fuse: APRO’s National Rent-to-Own Convention’s RTO Education Day May 11th on Galveston Island. MikeTissot_Speaker_App_APROFuse17Fuse: APRO’s National Rent-to-Own Convention Education Day Spotlight RTO Triage: Diagnose What Ails Your Business and Cure It! Mike Tissot, Countryside Rentals 10:50-11:50 a.m.

You’ve come to the conclusion that certain facets of your business are making overall success too challenging, but you aren’t certain which practices are most lacking. In this session, popular rent-to-own speaker Mike Tissot will explore how to diagnose and pinpoint what ails your rent-to-own store. Whether it’s sales, collections, margins, traffic, marketing—or all of the above—once a diagnosis is determined, remedies for a rebound can be implemented successfully. This session will encourage rental dealers to be honest about the weak links in their store operations and Tissot will offer remedies that can be put into action right away.

Tissot’s warning, though: attending this session could cause an increase in deliveries. Other side effects might include, but are not limited to, higher revenues and profits. Less common side effects include drowsiness, vomiting or sometimes even death.

About Mike Tissot Tissot grew up in the rent-to-own business; his father is former APRO President Darrell Tissot. Mike’s background in marketing has helped his company, Countryside Rentals/Rent-2-Own, grow to 33 stores in Ohio and Kentucky. He is the current president of the Ohio Rental Dealers Association and recipient of APRO’s 2008 President’s Award of Excellence.

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