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D&H Distributing Reminds RTO Store Owners to Optimize their CE Offerings for Upcoming Spring Sports Extravaganzas

D&H-Distributing-LogoAs D&H Enters its Centennial Countdown, Spring Sports Present an Opportunity for its RTO Customers to Offer Immersive Technology, Including Affordable Smart TVs and VR Equipment
HARRISBURG, PA – March 10, 2017 –D&H Distributing, the leading North American computer products and consumer electronics distributor, is approaching the close of its tenth decade in business, celebrating its “Centennial Countdown” year of service in the marketplace. In addition to a special message for dealers and store owners on its page, D&H encourages its Rent-to-Own store dealers that spring sports season is a terrific opportunity to offer large screen, high-def smart TVs. Events such as the March Madness basketball tournaments beginning on March 14, the opening of major league baseball on April 2, the 2017 Master Tournament starting April 6, and the NBA Playoff schedule commencing April 15 provide motivation for sports enthusiasts to upgrade their current displays. This is especially true since price points on ultra high-definition displays have made these amenities more accessible, offering exceedingly crisp details in a large-scale format for engaging, immersive fan experiences. Value models such as the Hisense H7B2 65-inch LED-LCD or 60-inch LED TV feature 1080p resolution, and technologies such as “AquoMotion” help maintain a sharp, clear image even when the on-screen action speeds up. And both models allow fans to easily stream exclusive sports subscription media such as The MLB and ESPN networks, in addition to content from services such as Hulu, Pandora, Amazon Video, and Netflix. Renters can be enticed into stores through demos of cutting-edge entertainment including new virtual reality (VR) headsets, such as the Samsung Gear and Supersonic smartphone headsets, and videogaming headsets like the Sony PlayStation®VR unit. Store owners can capitalize on these trends, bundling VR equipment and gaming systems into spring TV packages. “D&H has a long history of offering value in the supply channel and helping customers take advantage of opportunities. That’s what we’re celebrating with our Centennial Countdown,” said John Alifano, director of sales at D&H Distributing. “Incentivizing sports fans with exciting merchandise like immersive resolutions, huge screens and virtual reality experiences is the latest strategy that can help drive seasonal rentals.” D&H customers can call (800) 340-1007 for more information, or visit About D&H Distributing D&H Distributing believes the most important element of doing business is developing relationships for mutual success. The company continues to build upon its 99-year-old culture by providing its manufacturers, co-owners, and partners with the utmost customer care, consultative guidance and multi-market expertise. As one of North America’s leading technology distributors, it delivers a wealth of enablement resources and hands-on support services that empower resellers in the supply channel. D&H ships to RTO dealers and store owners out of four separate locations in United States, located in Harrisburg, PA. Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; and Fresno, CA. Call D&H toll-free at (800) 340-1007 or visit Follow the distributor’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, and @dandh.

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