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Share Your Community Outreach and Good Deeds

Share your Community Outreach and Good Deeds

Rent-to-Own professionals are committed to providing affordable options of household products while also keeping customers in their best interest by providing the highest level of customer service. Their commitments aren’t limited to just the RTO business but the community as well. Many RTO professionals across the country work year around with various non-profit organizations and their communities in efforts to give back and make a difference. The content on this page is to ensure that their community service doesn’t go unnoticed. While those in the industry are busy, they are just as committed to reaching out and making a difference within their communities. Is your company involved in a community outreach project? Is so, please share your story! Please contact Valerie Villarreal by phone, (800) 204-2776, ext. 105, or email ( with the following information:
  • Contact name
  • Event – name, reason, annual?
    • How often does your company collaborate/volunteer/donate with/to this organization?
    • What does the organization do?
    • Why did you select this organization?
    • Links to organizations
  • Date of event
  • Location
  • Attendance/Who participated
  • Agenda or schedule of events
  • Prizes/donation, if any
  • Highlights
  • Photos of events with names of those photographed
  • Media links of community outreach coverage, if any

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