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Showplace Rent to Own Expands Delaware and Marysville, OH stores

5fd2d4ae-751c-45a1-995e-a994bf6fa0bbIn a recent transaction between Showplace Rent To Own and Aaron’s Rents, Showplace acquired the agreements from Aaron’s in two locations – Delaware OH and Marysville OH. Showplace President Gary Ferriman stated, “We have a lengthy history and commitment to each of these towns and their customer bases, opening Delaware in 1991 and Marysville in 1993. Effectively doubling the size of each store, Showplace is well positioned to be the industry leader in those communities.” Speaking to Showplace’s commitment to growth, Showplace Vice President Keith Ferriman said, “We are excited at this opportunity and look forward to continued growth in those and other markets.” Showplace has 13 stores throughout central and northern Ohio. They have been APRO members since 1988. Gary is APRO’s past president and has served on the APRO board for many years. Keith is a board member for the Ohio Rental Dealers Association. The Showplace Delaware address is 288 S. Sandusky St. and the Showplace Marysville address is 461 Coleman’s Crossing Blvd.

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