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Showplace Rent-to-Own Serves Community in Springfield

_dsc0052Associates from Showplace Rent-to-Own in Springfield, Ohio collaborated with the First Assembly of God church to serve the community a warm a dinner. “We had the pleasure of helping serve our community alongside some great people, and a great church that is located directly across from our store,” shared General Manager Mike Benbrahim. “Many of whom we served are current customers, and many are simply in need of a warm dinner and friends to be around.” Showplace troops helped unload a trailer of over 400 pounds of food and prepped a great Thanksgiving dinner for over 100 people. “We were truly blessed to be part of this event, and I couldn’t be happier with how willing my staff were to get involved physically and financially.  We were able to donate from our manager select, and gathered some donations from among us to help with the food,” said Mike. _dsc0035The First Assembly of God church hosts a dinner every Friday and really contribute to the community by feeding those in need. Showplace Rent-to-Own in Springfield has always contributed by way of financial donation but were excited to have been able to volunteer in-person this year. They also donated Showplace t-shirts and were pleased to see many volunteers put them on in appreciation of the team being there. Click here to see more photos of the event.

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