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American Rental, Discount Furniture Center, Easyhome and Rent One Recognized for Making Their Mark

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-2-16-06-pmLongtime APRO members Full-O-Pep Appliances Inc./dba American Rental, Discount Furniture Center, Easygates LLC/Easyhome and Rent One were recently featured in Nationwide Marketing Group’s “Independent Thinking” member magazine. Nationwide covered 20 members stores that are making their mark, and we can attest that those companies that are also APRO members are deserving of the recognition. david-davidFull-O-Pep Appliances Inc./American Rental owned by APRO’s Second Vice President David P. David with 49 stores throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia and Tennessee, is thriving and we certainly believe that David has a lot to do with its success. Nationwide’s Member Spotlight reads, “David’s dedication to people development is second to none, in fact he has sent all of his management team and all 50 of his store managers to Atlanta to participate in Nationwide’s ANSWERS and Leadership training. As a result, his leadership team has some of the highest tenure within the rent-to-own industry. Throughout the years they have left a mark on, not just the rental industry, but also the appliance industry.” screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-2-14-22-pmDiscount Furniture Center, founded by Wayne Smith, Robert Smith and Ernie Thompson, has grown into the retailer of choice for customers in Virginia and North Carolina by staying up-to-date on product offerings as well as keeping their marketing efforts on the cutting edge. Nationwide’s Member Spotlight reads, “Recent efforts have included the integration of social media into the marketing portfolio, and the website is currently being revamped to allow for e-commerce transactions.” It continues to say, “With innovation, great leadership, and a desire for great customer experiences driving their success, the future looks bright,” and we couldn’t agree more. screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-2-06-43-pmEasygates LLC/Easyhome, owned by Bud Gates, created a franchise system operating 44 stores in 17 states since first opening an Easyhome in November of 2008. Nationwide’s Member Spotlight reads, “Easygates is always moving to stay on the cutting edge in their marketing plans, and as such, strives to find the right unique mix of both digital and analogue ingredients to best serve and reach the consumers in each of the many markets they serve.” larry-and-buckleRent One, owned and operated by APRO’s Past President Larry Carrico and his wife Sharon, has grown to 71 locations serving seven states. Larry is committed to the RTO industry’s wellbeing and future. Nationwide’s Member Spotlight reads, “Dedicated leadership, a sense of team, and a tireless devotion to providing excellent service to their clients has allowed Rent One to grow and prosper as one of the leading innovators in the Rent-to-Own industry, and after three decades of success, they show no signs of slowing down!” We congratulate all stores on their recognition and are very proud to call them members of our own.

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